Detachment 1 - 396 Aircrew Training Sq.           Scottsdale, Arizona
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Current Training is  being conducted at the  Mohave Middle School - Scottsdale, AZ. Meeting are held on selected days throughout the school year on Wednesday at 2:30pm.
Detachment 1 - 396 Aircrew Training Sq.
(Det 1-396 ATRS) Mohave MS -- Scottsdale, AZ

   The Det 1-396 ATRS is an Air Force Explorers Miltary Club Program located out of Mohave Middle School, Scottsdale, Arizona. It is run by Senior Cadet Air Force Explorer Officers from the 396th Aircrew Training Sq., Air Force Explorers, Goldwater ANGB, Skyharbor IAP, Phoenix, AZ.

Det 1-396 ATRS - Training Objectives

   The Det 1-396 ATRS meets Monthly or bi-monthly after school during the  school year over 7 months. It offers Middle Schoolers in 7-8th grade an opportunity to learn what it is like to experience Military Professional Military Training. Training includes:

                             * (some) Military Formation
                             * Military skills
                             * Patriotism
                             * Career and education opportunities for all service branches.
                             * Current Military news of the day
                             * Current Threats
Successful Graduates will be given the option after 8th grade to automatically be enrolled in the Air Force Explorers Program when they enter  High School.
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