OCS - 15 Weeks

Officer Candidate School (15 Weeks)
    Our new Cadet Officer Candidate (C/OC) starts like everyone else in the Military, or any other Young Adult Military Group, in a basic training environment. Before anything else we need to make sure you can look like, walk like, talk like, and behave like a member of the U.S. Military.
    The first day is a longated tough 'Induction Day: Proper paperwork completely, 1st Uniform (normally in PT gear), and then the fun starts. At end of the day, should you survive (most do), you will be sworn in a Ceremony as a Cadet Officer in the United States Air Force Explorers.
    You will meet one night a week (normally a Tues. or Thurs) and two Saturdays per month. The next 15 weeks you feel like you are taking another High School course, because in essence, you will be. End the end of the 15 weeks, there is a Commissioning Ceremony (where Family and Friends may attend).
    Here is a breakdown of the Category of Instruction and estimated combined l total training hours:
   51 Hours - Professional Military Training (PME)
                       (Drill & Ceremonies, Customs & Courtesies, Uniforms, Military    
                       Communication Skills, Personal Development, Officership-I           
  10 Hours - USAF Organization & Air Force History
                      Air Force Organizational Structure, Major Commands (MAJCOMS),
                      Roles, Missions & Functions, Air Force History
     4 Hours - Air Intelligence
                       Aerospace Weapon Systems, Intro to Threat Air Defense, & Intro to
                       Threat Air Forces
     4 Hours - Life Support
                       Military Code of Conduct, Intro to Military Mobility Equipment &
  33 Hours - Administration & Testing
                      Squadron Duties, Evaluation & Testing, Commander's Call,
                      Administrative, Breaks & Lunches
    The 15th Week is any last minute testing and the Commissioning Ceremony. The Saturday after Commissioning each Graduating Class is generally a Military Dining In. (The Grog is AWESOME!)
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