Starting an Air Force Explorer Unit

    Starting up a Military Exploring Unit is a great adventure and commitment to mentoring our interested young adults in their career decisions in life or to serve their Country. To help you get started, there are some initial basic considerations to think about when you are deciding the type of program:

                                                           * When & where to meet?

                                                           * What to teach?

                                                           * How to get structured & set up?

                                                           * Who should be on your Inital Cadre                                                                                              & Leadership Team?

                                                           * How do you recruit young adults in the area?

                                                           * How do you find other former, current,                                                                                           or retired Military Veterans in the area?

                                                           * How do you get started?

   The Air Force Explorers has run an extremely successful Young Adults Military Explorer Unit for over 18 consecutive years.  It has been such a rewarding experience to meet hundreds of young adults that have come through our door; motivate, guide, train and watch them become a successful adult as well as a Warrior and contributing member of the U.S. Military. Through trial and error, and an excellent relationship with our local military supporting organization, we offer our commitment to assist you every step of the way.

   Send us an email or contact us to help you get started or for any questions.

Contact information / Email:

Contact us at:

U.S. Air Force Explorers
3200 E. Old Tower Rd.
Goldwater ANGB, AZ 85034


3200 E. Old Tower Rd. Phoenix, AZ, 85034 USA

    To start up a unit, gather 3-5 interested Air Force or Military Veterans, who would like to motivate, train and mentor interested young adults. Contact us, and we will advise, assist, and help you get organized to expedite your leadership team in setting up an Air Force Explorer Unit in your area. 

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